Muscle testing can be a helpful tool for accessing the knowledge hidden in the subconscious mind, and is an important part of using The Emotion Code®! However, if you’re just getting started on your muscle testing and energy healing journey there are a few common obstacles that can get in your way. If you’ve found yourself questioning your abilities, getting inconsistent results, or not trusting the results you’re discovering, read on for our tips and tricks to help overcome these stumbling blocks.

Muscle Testing Obstacles and Solutions

1. Doubting yourself 

One of the biggest challenges we see when our customers are just beginning to use muscle testing is that they don’t trust their own abilities! When you’re just getting started you might question the validity of your answers, and whether you’re practicing energy healing muscle testing correctly. When you’re doubting your abilities it may take you out of the moment, not allowing you to receive answers as clearly.

What can help? 

Practice! Practicing on yourself is a great way to get more comfortable. As you practice frequently you’ll begin to feel more confident in your abilities and the answers you’re receiving. Trusting yourself, your faith, and your own abilities is a journey, but it’s one that’s well worth going on! Perhaps as you begin to trust yourself more in this one aspect you’ll recognize your strength and ability in other areas too.

2. Getting Distracted

When muscle testing, if you’re distracted from the person in front of you or the task at hand, it’s likely you won’t be able to determine answers very consistently. Muscle testing and energy healing take focus, and this is something you can learn and improve!

What can help? 

Before you begin testing, take time to get centered. Tune into gratitude, for having this tool available to you, and for the person you are working with! Focus your attention on the person you are testing, and on the present moment. 

3. Using Too Much Force

When muscle testing, it might seem like you should apply a lot of pressure on yourself or the person you’re practicing on. This can be detrimental to your responses! When applying a lot of force, you may overpower a ‘strong’ response and believe it to be a ‘weak’ one, which can hinder your ability to get clear answers. 

What can help? 

Try using a lighter touch! Be gentle with yourself or the individual you’re practicing on. Some call the appropriate pressure for energy healing muscle testing ‘baby strength’ — applying pressure as if you’re only as strong as an infant! This may take some practice to perfect but as you complete sessions with a gentler touch, it will likely begin to feel more natural to you! 

4. Overthinking Answers

Overanalyzing during muscle testing is easy to do, and it can really impact your ability to receive answers or to trust the answers that you do receive. When we’re too caught up in our mind we typically aren’t able to listen to our intuition as easily. This happens in all aspects of our lives and energy healing is no different.

What can help? 

Move from your mind into your heart! Take a moment before you begin to relax, meditate, and ask for support from your higher power. Instead of focusing on the test itself, focus on the person that you’re working with. By moving the focus away from the technical aspects of muscle testing and into your feeling, intuitive self, your intuition will guide you and allow your subconscious to speak!

5. Dehydration

Our bodies are made up of 60% water — so hydration is important for most of our body’s functions! If you or your clients are dehydrated, that can impact your ability to clearly read responses to muscle tests. Water plays an essential role in the body, keeping your joints moving smoothly,  and when you’re not hydrated your body cannot perform at its highest level.

What can help? 

This one is simple! Take care of yourself and make sure you drink plenty of water on a daily basis. When you meet with clients, you might bring along some water to offer them, or make sure you recommend they stay hydrated throughout the day before you meet with them.

6. Lack of Sleep

Sleep is extremely important for our cognitive function and body health! Not getting enough rest can mean you experience fatigue and a lack of focus that impacts your ability to muscle test accurately. 

What can help? 

Being well-rested can benefit your immunity, mental well-being, heart health, and more! Plus, when you’ve had a great night’s sleep you’re more likely to be able to muscle test clearly. So for both your health and your energy healing abilities, making sure you get enough sleep is a great idea. 

7. Trapped Emotions or Other Imbalances

Certain Trapped Emotions or imbalances can make you less receptive to positive energy, and therefore less open to receiving muscle testing answers. 

What can help? 

If you believe that one of these issues is impacting your muscle testing practice, our recommendation is to schedule a visit with an Emotion Code or Body Code practitioner to clear up some of these specific issues.

This article was originally published in November 2020 and has been updated for accuracy.