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Synchronize Your Energy with the Vibrations of Music

Music is all around us, but how often are you feeling it? Chances are, all the time - good or bad, you are reacting to the music you hear. Just as you are a sum of energy, music comprises an energetic environment to respond to and connect with. Consequently, music has a huge impact on everything you do. From shopping to cooking, meditating to driving - music influences how we perceive things, establishes memories and sways our moods and behaviors. Soft, long-held notes center our mood to a tranquil, calmed state whereas abrupt and distorted sounds may increase anxiety and put us in an aggressive mood. The most important factor to recognize, however, is that your response to music is all relative. Every individual reacts differently to music, even when listening to the same song. Music has the ability to make you feel happy, sad, content and triumphant, but no two people have the exact same feelings about the sounds they hear. We do, however, have similar physical responses such as changes in breathing and heart rate variations but because we are all operating at different energy levels with different experiences influencing our impressions, no two experiences are identical. Identifying why music influences our mood is not as objective as you may think. Although some songs are obvious, like Adele's evocative "Someone Like You", which is arguably due to the musical ornament known as "appoggiatura" (an accented dissonance between a [...]

Your Tips for Talking to an Energy Healing Skeptic

What do you say to a loved one that doesn't believe in energy work? Dr. Brad posed this question to his fans on and boy did they ever answer! We've posted some of our favorite thoughts, if you would like to share any thoughts as well, please leave a comment. Randy T. Luckily, it doesn't require you to believe in it. If you will humor me a few moments, I will demonstrate the coolest party trick I know and you will feel so much better. Beth F. Ask them to rub their hands for a few seconds to make them sensitive, then pass your hands over their hands and they will feel the energy. I have never failed to have someone feel the energy. Pamela S. I Show them how it is working for me. I will be the concrete evidence they need. Usually it is not disbelief that they feel but fear of the energy work disguised as disbelief. Linda J. I ask their permission to pray for them & then do the work via long distance. I've never been refused. Heather M. I don't interfere with their free-will and beliefs. However, I DO tell them the offer still stands if they ever decide to give it a try. Angela H. For them...replace the word energy with becomes love work and isn't this work just that? Patricia M. If you believe in prayer, use that same faith; [...]

Benefits of Becoming a Certified Practitioner

Are you ready to become a Certified Emotion Code® or Body Code™ Practitioner? Here is what you will be able to do if you become a Certified Practitioner... Unlock the infinite well of knowledge that is your subconscious mind Uncover your body's hidden "lie detector" and quickly identify and correct issues with the astonishing power of the subconscious mind. Perform effective proxy testing anywhere in the world How to perform effective proxy testing in 3 easy steps on any subject, anywhere in the world. Help anyone, anywhere! Improve wellness by improving connections between your organs, your glands and the muscles of the body to affect every area of your life. Improve the connections and improve your well-being. How to detect and correct an elusive Spiritual/Physical disconnection Learn how our "dual nature" and the "spirit body template" can affect discomfort, degree to how you fight off infections, and even organ function. The most advanced trapped emotion training available Discover how to detect and correct: prenatal emotions, preconception emotions, traumatic energy distortions, despair anchors, cording and much more. Unlock the secrets of The Body Code Mind Maps Learn advanced techniques and reveal the true power of The Body Code Mind Maps and Emotion Code Chart of Emotions, both found within the Discover Healing app and in the web online version. Find true love, reach your goals, experience true abundance Advanced techniques for clearing the Heart-Wall® from yourself and others. Achieve your full potential [...]

Holistic Health & Your Mental State

Everyone is different, with varying needs when it comes to keeping a happy and balanced mental state. While psychiatric therapy, pharmaceuticals, and other approaches embraced by western medicine are useful and appropriate for many, the world of holistic health also offers valuable options that can help some people achieve better mental balance, either in addition to or independent of other methods. Since many of us try to focus on holistic health when it comes to caring for our mental state, let’s take a look at how a more holistic approach to mental wellness may be beneficial. Then, we’ll review some examples of holistic activities that might help us achieve a feeling of mental balance. Potential Mental Benefits of Holistic Health  As we have discussed in other articles, a holistic health approach looks at the person as a whole: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Holistic practitioners and others embrace the intrinsic connection between mind and body. When it comes to mental wellbeing, a holistic approach will usually take into account not only medical and psychiatric issues, but spiritual and emotional ones as well. For example, a holistic approach to achieving mental balance might include training your thoughts to reshape situations toward a more positive or productive view. You might simply choose to try and block the negativity of others, or focus on finding the silver lining in a difficult experience. Another example would be making shifts in physical activity, diet, or [...]

Muscle Testing

MUSCLE TESTING GETTING ANSWERS FROM YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND When it comes to your health, your subconscious mind could tell you all the answers – muscle testing can help you access them VIDEO 4 MUSCLE TESTING This video is number four of an eight-part series from Discover Healing, introducing new readers to energy healing using The Emotion Code and The Body Code - two super powerful yet extremely simple tools that may help you to locate and release Trapped Emotions and other energy imbalances throughout the body. These tools could help you feel better emotionally and physically — all on your own. If you have questions about the things you’re learning in these videos, you can chat with a certified Emotion Code or Body Code practitioner today with our live chat feature. VIDEO 3 DR. BRAD'S STORY View Previous Video VIDEO 5 THE EMOTION CODE FORMULA View Next Video Our Conscious Minds are Very Limited While we are incredibly intelligent beings, we only use a small portion of our minds throughout each day. We forget little things all the time because our conscious mind is easily sidetracked. Dr. Nelson believes that the far greater part of our brain power lies within our subconscious mind. The subconscious is active all the time, recording our every experience - [...]

Can Emotions Be Inherited?

When someone experiences a traumatic event or suffers through prolonged negativity, it is easy to understand why they may be on an emotional roller coaster. But what if you are struggling with a constant inexplicable sense of hopelessness or sadness, with no specific situation to identify as the trigger? If that is the case, you may be dealing with emotional inheritance. Struggling with Emotional Inheritance You may feel that you are doing all of the right things: exercising, eating right, practicing mindfulness, and identifying and clearing your trapped emotions as well as removing your Heart-Wall, yet the anxiousness and despair you feel will not leave. This may be because what you are feeling didn’t originate with you, but with one of your ancestors. If this is the case, the instigating factor or experience could go back many years, having become trapped generations earlier and passed down to you via inherited emotional energy. It might sound “out there,” but there is actually science behind this phenomenon. The Science of Emotional Inheritance At Emory University, experiments conducted on mice found that a traumatic event can leave an imprint in the DNA of sperm, thereby affecting the behaviors of future generations. This emerging science is known as “transgenerational epigenetic inheritance” or epigenetics. It is becoming more apparent that these influences may create a chemical fingerprint on genetic material, and then be transferred to you by one or both biological parents. The inherited emotions [...]

The Emotion Code Book

THE EMOTION CODE by Dr. Bradley Nelson D.C. (ret.) How to Release Your Trapped Emotions for Abundant Health, Love, and Happiness Order the Book UPDATED & EXPANDED HARDCOVER EDITION The fully revised and expanded edition of “The Emotion Code" has just been released to the public for the first time with: Over 60 new subsections Dozens of new testimonials Definitions of emotions A new chapter on inherited emotions New information on the Heart-Wall™ More details on the process of clearing trapped emotions More ways to take your healing to the next level "I believe that the discoveries in this book can change our understanding of how we store emotional experiences and in so doing, change our lives. The Emotion Code has already changed many lives around the world, and it is my hope that millions more will be led to use this simple tool to heal themselves and their loved ones." ―Tony Robbins World authority on leadership psychology ORDER the book ABOUT THE EMOTION CODE In 2007, Dr. Bradley Nelson tapped into his 20 years of experience in energy healing to publish “The Emotion Code: How to Release Your Trapped Emotions for Abundant Health, Love, and Happiness.” The book sold more than 125,000 copies [...]

Practitioner Spotlight: Carola Knollman

How did you find out about The Emotion Code and The Body Code? I was looking up on the internet psychosomatic root causes for my thyroid problems, when I found The Emotion Code book written in German. I decided to order the book and after reading it, I was so curious about experiencing an own healing session with a practitioner, that I booked a session right away. After a few session I experienced a major shift in my health issues, my energy level came back and so I really felt in love with The Emotion Code and later with The Body Code. I am really thankful that these wonderful healing techniques were made available for the rest of the world. How do you think these healing methods compare to other energy healing modalities? I tried a lot of different energetic healing techniques, but The Emotion Code and The Body Code were the most helping ones. I tried shamanic sessions, EFT, The Wing Wave Therapy, Family Constellations, NAET, Bach remedies, homeopathic treatments. Each of them helped a little bit, but The Emotion and The Body Code were always the ones that helped immediately and for the long term! What advice would you give to those that are new to either The Emotion Code or The Body Code? I would tell them to try it out! Experience the effectiveness and great impact that it can have on your life! I also tried [...]

Practitioner Spotlight: Aoife Brown

How did you find out about The Emotion Code and The Body Code? I heard Dr Bradley talk on a healers radio show over 10 years ago and was excited by his story and also resonated strongly with his explanations of how trapped emotions affect our well-being. I bought the book and started working on myself. I had been suffering for many years with various Auto-immune illnesses (including Rheumatoid Arthritis) and I had a lot to clear. I cleared literally hundreds of trapped emotions from my Heart-Wall and also from other areas of my body. I have worked on myself for years with The Body Code (as I say, I had a lot to clear!) and my health and happiness have improved enormously. I also helped countless friends and family with all sorts of issues. Eventually I decided it was time to get certified!! How do you think these healing methods compare to other energy healing modalities? I enjoy the way the type of emotions, time of incident and location of the trapped emotion can be pinpointed by muscle testing. The logical and scientific side of me finds this clear method reassuring. With The Emotion Code I feel I know what progress is being made, whereas with some other healing therapies the results can be less clear. I have found the instant release of pain and improvements in anxiety and depression to be astounding in myself and others. Also the [...]

Practitioner Spotlight: Patricia Penner

How did you find out about The Emotion Code and The Body Code? I found The Emotion Code when someone used it on me. I had a horrible itchy, red rash and some other issues that Western Medicine just wasn't able to do much about satisfactorily, and I was trying alternative therapies. The receptionist in one of my acupuncturists' offices hooked me up with a guy named Steve who was doing it and I just loved it. I knew I could do it and couldn't wait to learn it and start offering to my clients. More ways to help them! How do you think these healing methods compare to other energy healing modalities? I think all modalities have merit, and each do something slightly different from the others. In cases where you'd applied multiple treatments and the client was still not getting the results they want and need, then to have other techniques to offer them is a must. Also, no one modality can do it all; they all have areas of which they are most applicable, and sometimes you need to be applying more than one to get to the really tough, long-buried issues. What advice would you give to those that are new to either The Emotion Code or The Body Code? Keep an open mind. The Emotion Code can seem really "out there" for many in the mainstream and it is rather far-fetched to think that just [...]