Part 1
By Jean Nelson

I’m forever searching for the perfect hair style and a good stylist. Not long ago, I went to a salon that I hadn’t tried before, got a haircut from a young man, and decided I’d go back a week later to get a color from him. I was excited! I went back, sat down in his chair and after we agreed on what color my hair would be, I asked him about how he got into doing hair for a living. He said his family’s business was a hair school and he had grown up around the business. Eventually he decided to enroll, learn, and do it himself. I shared that I had been a hair stylist once myself. We had something in common, and were enjoying an easy conversation.

A few minutes later, he was sneezing and his eyes were watering. He mentioned something about how he had never had allergies before and it wasn’t even springtime. I thought for a minute and then decided maybe I could help. I suggested that maybe he had some trapped energies that were imbalancing his immune system, and maybe the imbalances were related to his current misery. I asked him if he would like me to check to see if I could figure it out for him. I told him that I could do muscle testing to see how he might be out of balance. He seemed intrigued and said okay, not fully understanding. I told him that just like his family had a hair school, my family had an online learning program and we teach people how to do energy healing.

As I sat there, I silently asked God for some help, as I always do before doing any testing. My hands were tucked into my lap under the hair coloring cape. I began to use them to do one of the self-testing techniques, the ring-in- ring method. I was acting as proxy for him to figure out the cause of his symptoms. He was not sure what was going on so I explained that I would muscle test on myself, with my hands, to see if I could uncover a reason causing the sneezing and watery eyes. I asked for the main reason, not knowing what might show up. Within a minute or two, I discovered a heart wall. I told him about it and explained what that meant. He shared that he had been divorced a few years earlier and then told me his story, all the while, wrapping strands of my hair in pieces of foil.

There were a couple of framed photos of two handsome little boys on his work station. I asked if they were his. Of course they were. He missed them. They lived in another town and he didn’t get to see them as often as he would like. Several years had passed since his divorce. His ex was remarried now. He was getting remarried himself in a week. Things were stressful, especially for his bride-to-be. The wedding was close and there was so much to do. He didn’t know how to relieve her stress, which was stressing him out, and she wouldn’t let him help. They had just had a blow up the night before from all of the tension. He felt bad about it and kind of helpless.

As we continued our conversation, I began to test to identify the emotions in his Heart-Wall. I asked questions silently to identify who each emotion was about. I told him about what I was doing and what I was finding. With what he had been telling me about his family, I was able to test specific events he had mentioned and figure out why he had the heart wall emotions. Most of them had to do with his divorce and not being able to be with his sons more often.

He cleared the emotions on himself, running his hand over the top of his head as I found them, one by one. A few tears fell. We talked and he shared a few things as his heart wall came down. By the end, he expressed that he was blown away by my ability to identify the exact way that he had felt when each of those things had happened. I give God the credit. I loved that we were able to clear his entire heart wall in one session. He was really feeling something. What a blessing, I thought to myself, to have all of that cleared before his new marriage was to begin. He was given a fresh start. I felt so honored to know that God did that through me. He was even given enough time to process the release of the emotions before the big day!

While I was under the hair dryer processing my hair color, he was talking to the nail technician that worked at the back of the salon, a single mom who he thought might be interested in what he had just experienced. By the time I was back in his chair, he was asking if I would talk to her because she was interested in having some emotional work done, too. He was referring! I hadn’t even asked. He expressed that maybe he shouldn’t charge me for the work he had done on my hair, like maybe we should just trade. I had to insist that it was a gift to him, a wedding gift. After all he hadn’t been seeking my help. I had just offered freely because I wanted to. I took the nail tech’s information, telling her that I knew someone working on certification. I would pass her card to my friend who would love to help her. I listened to her questions and told her all that she wanted to know about the website and where she could look to learn more. I left the salon with a new color and best of all, having done some good. I felt marvelous!

I tell this story to illustrate how natural it can be to fit the Emotion Code into your life and find new people to work with. It’s a beautiful way to connect with others and pass the time, doing something meaningful. Finding clients, making connections, and making new friends can be one in the same. Making great connections in business and discovering ways that we can benefit and promote each other’s common goals is a win-win. We all feel good when we help each other. Who doesn’t a want friend like that, who gives emotional support, who teaches us something meaningful, who introduces us to interesting new ideas and new people, who refers business to us, and who helps to better our own life?

It all sounds very nice, and it is. If you are thinking, but how do “I” get clients? I’m not experienced. I’m not even certified yet… How can “I” bring it up and say that I’m an Emotion Code student that is looking for clients. Well, I hope the story will stay with you because you will get to where you can have experiences like this one. Maybe you already are doing that very thing, but if you want to get specific about what you need to know and do, let’s identify some things. Next week I will help you to get clear about what you need to realize and what actions you can take to get some new clients for certification right now.

Stay tuned for Part 2…