Early in 2012, I was given a nudge from a friend telling me, “You have to try this new modality, it’s right up your alley.” I inquired about the logistics and my question was, “You’re telling me that running a magnet down my spine will release long standing emotions and make me feel better? Ha!” To back up a little bit, I’m a restaurateur but I’m passionate about holistic health! Needless to say, I made an appointment with Clare Patch and just had to give it a try.

Back to my story… I arrived at my Emotion Code/Body Code practitioner’s home, released quite a few cords, Trapped Emotions, put up a shield and I was on my way. I hadn’t felt that good, light and free in years. I was hooked! As soon as I arrived home, I bought The Emotion Code book on Amazon and proceeded to complete it within the week

Fast forward to several months later. My relationship of 19 years (15 years of marriage) with my husband had crumbled to what I felt was the last straw. I was done! I had consulted with my attorney and was literally on my way to her office the following Monday. Although I loved my husband, I couldn’t take the negativity and resentment that existed between the two of us for another minute. My fear resided in the fact that my children would be devastated by our separation. That morning while I sat alone, crying incessantly, it hit me. Why not work on my Heart-Wall? It doesn’t cost a dime and I literally have nothing to lose.

I tested myself and addressed my Heart-Wall. It was MILES thick and made of titanium. I continued to release some other emotions relating to my marriage and went about my day. Later that afternoon, I asked my husband to have lunch with me as I told him that I couldn’t stand another minute of pain and suffering in our marriage. It was over. We talked about a few things and I asked him to take me home. In the meantime, I proxy tested my husband about his Heart-Wall. It was 50 miles thick, made of wood and had a locked door to boot!

When he arrived home that same afternoon, I asked him if I could run my magnet down his back. The only thing that I required him to do was to, “Give me permission to release and unlock the door attached to his Heart-Wall.” He reluctantly obliged. I then proceeded to release some Trapped Emotions from his Heart-Wall.

That very same night, we talked about what we had to do to save our marriage. It was as if a light switch that had been turned off for 5 years was turned back on. We agreed to work on ourselves and our marriage everyday if even for 5 minutes as to not throw away a 20 year relationship and our family unit. I can attest to the releasing of both of our Heart-Walls as to the reason why I did not file for divorce the following Monday. It was as if it wasn’t even an option anymore!

The Emotion Code is truly a miracle and I wish that everyone would try it for themselves!!! My goal is to become certified so that I can share this modality with others when I open my holistic practice. It is almost too good to be true 🙂 Thank you Dr. Nelson, from the bottom of my (non-existent) Heart (Wall) LOL!

Joey ~ Wyoming, United States

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