What Type of Emotional Baggage is Ruining your Relationship?

Many of us have struggled through relationships with the wrong people before finding love, and we often carry the emotional baggage from those relationships with us as we enter into new relationships. It is important that we learn to recognize what our emotional baggage is [...]

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Break the Cycle of Abuse and End Your Toxic Family Relationships

Identifying toxic relationships can be surprisingly difficult, particularly when they are within your own family. No one wants to admit there is a problem, yet the negative feelings persist. The cycle of abuse does not always leave visible marks, but the verbal and emotional manipulation [...]

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Heal Your Heart and Love Again

Love is essential to life. Babies need it for growth hormones to function so they can to survive and thrive. We all sense the safety, warmth and security of love. It is sustenance for us. Love is where we came from in the eternities. It’s the very foundation of life. Our first conscious memories of love come from our nurturing mothers and fathers in healthy family relationships. As we grow older and get beyond the boundaries of home and family, we treasure the love of friends. Life would seem empty and meaningless without connections built with the energy of love.

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La codependencia emocional se puede dar en cualquier tipo de relación, no necesariamente en una relación romántica-amorosa, puede presentarse entre padres e hijos, entre amigos e incluso entre las personas con las cuales trabajamos o convivimos.

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The Healing Power of Love

On August 20, 2013 in Decatur, Georgia, there was life because of one woman’s courage and unconditional love of a would-be shooter. This young man entered an elementary school prepared to shoot and kill as many children and teachers as possible before taking his own life. If, like Antoinette Tuff, we can recognize our pain in others, we can look past the behaviors and to the pain and hurt of our fellow man. Only then are we mentally, emotionally and spiritually open and ready to give love. Mother Teresa said, “If you judge people, you have no time to love them.”

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