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Practitioner Spotlight: Angela Hanna

This week we have been blessed to have Emotion Code Practitioner, Angela Hanna, be our Spotlight. Please take time to read through Angela's wonderful answers to her questions. Once you get to know her feel free to contact her with any questions, to say hi, or to book a session. You can find her contact info at the bottom of this page. How did you find out about The Emotion Code and how long have you been practicing? This is always a difficult yet joyous story for me to tell. The year 2011 had been a heartbreaking one for me as I had been through a deep and sorrowful personal crisis. I decided my life had to take a different direction and asked God to help guide me on my path. I had a landmark birthday coming up in August and decided that this would be a good time to take a holiday alone by the sea where I could reflect, pray and truly just listen for answers as to where my life would go from here and what my purpose was. I would need some reading material for my trip so I went to the bookstore and began scanning the shelves. I remember the feeling of complete clam that came over me as though I was the only person in the bookstore. I saw a book called the Emotion Code. I have to admit that it was the picture [...]

Is Energy Healing the Future of Health? These People Sure Think So

"I believe that the time is not far, when society in general, will see energy harmonizing and healing techniques as a natural part of social life and education." - Alina Voronova "I see energy medicine becoming the primary intervention of the future. People are beginning to realize that they are made up of much more than what is visible to the eye." - Angela Hannad "I believe one day energy medicine won’t even be called that as it will just be common sense to us all to keep our energy as clear as possible." - Lindsay Hopper

The Emotion Code and Body Code Mend her Broken Heart

I remember the first session I had with Chantal. She had just gone through a terrible break-up. We worked on Skype and I could tell that her heart was breaking. You could actually see the deep sorrow on her face. Of course, we immediately began Heart Wall Elimination and worked on other imbalances to compliment the work on the Heart Wall. By the next session she looked more peaceful and by the third session, she actually looked different. She was smiling and laughing; you could see her beautiful soul shining through. It was a truly remarkable transformation. Here is her experience described in her own words: “I didn’t know what to expect from my first session. All I know is that I had a broken heart that was physically painful and that after the session, I was relieved from that pain! Angela also removed my heart wall and cleared other blockages preventing me from experiencing true love. I’ve seen improvement in the way people treat me after removing negative broadcasts I was unconsciously sending. I keep working with Angela to clear health and business issues. I know this work is real because of the impact it has in my life. My last session relieved me from my back pain and I literally felt lighter and freer. My friend noticed I was glowing. I am forever grateful.” ~ Chantal Michelle, Vancouver, Canada ~Angela Hanna CECP, CBCP

Mysterious Fever Solved…One Week Before Doctor’s Diagnosis!

I had an appointment with one of my clients in France. She contacted me a few hours prior to our appointment and explained that she would not be able to be present, because she had to take over for her son and his wife for a few hours at the hospital. Her three-year-old granddaughter was experiencing a fever of 40C (roughly 104F) for a week now and nobody could figure out what was wrong. I asked if she could get permission for me to have a peek. A couple of hours later I got the okay. I found an imbalance in the hypothalamus (temperature regulation), followed by metabolic waste both in the spleen and the liver caused by parasitic energy. I was curious to see what parasite could cause such a high fever, so I did a bit of research and found a list of parasites. I asked if it was in that list and got a "yes." The granddaughter tested positive for the parasite that causes Toxoplasmosis. The rest is history. Here is what my client writes: Dear Angela,  Concerning my granddaughter of three years old, I would like to let you know that she is really in great shape now. After one week of intense fever...the doctors couldn't give a diagnosis. When I asked you to work on her situation, you were able to tell me that her Spleen and Liver imbalance was due to the kinds of [...]

Ganglion Cyst Dramatically Reduced After Only Two Body Code Sessions!

I would like to share this incredible story about a client who came to me primarily for Heart-Wall elimination. After I released a few emotions from her Heart-Wall she stopped me and asked, “Can this work also help with getting rid of a ganglion cyst?" It was not visible until she swept back her hair and turned to show me what was a mandarin-sized cyst that was under her left ear. She shared with me how painful it was for her. It was affecting her hearing as well as her sight. She was constantly in pain. I asked if she had seen a doctor and what he/she thought the prognosis would be. She said that indeed she had seen a doctor and even had a biopsy and that it was benign but the doctor wanted her to come back in two weeks to check again and if nothing had improved she would need surgery. With the rest of the session we worked on it and then also at the next session which was a week later. At the third session she told me that she had no more pain and the cyst had actually shrunk by 80%. As a matter of fact, it was barely visible. This work is such a blessing for both the healers and the healed. Thank you Dr. Brad for your beautiful contribution to this world and for the joy it has brought to so many. [...]

One Book Changed Her Life Profoundly

“I can’t believe this” “What did you do?” “How is this possible?” These are just a few reactions my clients experience after we release/correct the blocks, imbalances and misalignments that keep them in a state of discomfort and pain. These statements never cease to bring a mist to my eyes and a deep gratitude in my heart as I stand witness to the Divine grace and healing taking place right before me. Only 4 years ago, I had found a book that had my full attention. The figure on the front cover with arms outstretched to universal love and light was the first thing to capture my attention. It was as if by divine appointment it just showed up before me. The Emotion Code by Dr Bradley Nelson was about to profoundly change my life. For the past 2 years I have worked full time as a Certified Practitioner in both The Emotion Code and The Body Code. It is on a daily basis that I am witness to so many of these blessings. I would now like to share one of these beautiful testimonials with you: “For approximately the past 8 years I have not been able to raise my left arm up beyond my shoulder. When I would attempt to stretch my arm, my muscles would lock and I could not go any further. The pain in this arm ran down the outside of my upper arm down [...]

Heart Wall Eliminations and Finding True Love!

I am presently documenting the benefits that my clients have recounted after Heart-Wall elimination. The following are two testimonials about finding soul mates and more after Heart-Wall Elimination: “Soon after you released my Heart-Wall, I was able to leave an unhealthy long-term relationship. This opened my eyes to many opportunities in life. A couple of months later I found the love of my life, travelled to destinations I never thought I'd travel to and now I am furthering my education to enhance my career. My life is so much better because of your work Angela! “ ~Lauren F “The Heart-Wall elimination sessions helped to remove some of the insecurities I had about myself. It showed me that I am an expanded divine human being and highlighted my self worth. I found it amazing how this process could go right back to when I was still in my mother's womb. It was just before my last session that I found my Soul Mate. I feel that I've known him and his family before. "I am eternally grateful to the couple that referred me to you, Angela. I've always seen the bright side of life but now it is true in every sense." ~Ali N Angela Hanna CECP,CBCP, D.PSc Kirkland, Quebec Canada

Heart Palpitations and Panic Attacks Vanish After Heart-Wall Elimination!

Here is a beautiful testimonial from a client I worked on. We did a Heart-Wall Elimination: "I want you to know how grateful I am for your work. My sister is very aware of The Emotion Code and The Body Code work and was thrilled that I was going to have a session with you. Some time after the Heart-Wall Clearing I had a phone conversation with her and she asked how I was, and what has been the results/changes. I told her I didn't have any big changes... And then it hit me!!! I was no longer experiencing heart palpitations, dysrhythmia, elephant foot on the chest, panic attacks and more. They just did not happen any more. This has been huge, and I share your work often in my sessions. Thank you for the wonderful energy work you do." - Nikki L Angela Hanna CECP,CBCP, D.PSc in Kirkland, Quebec Canada

Changing the World with The Body Code and Lucille Boettger

The Body Code has been much more powerful than The Emotion Code in terms of its effectiveness and ability to produce clearly visible results - for example, the resolution of Plantar Fasciitis in a client by releasing inflammation energy and facial distortion, which is something that I could not have done with just The Emotion Code as a tool.