Is Stress From Your Past Haunting You?

Many of us have heard someone going through a stressful situation say “I feel sick to my stomach”. Christmas is coming up too, and that in and of itself, can bring about more stress in different forms, as well as digestive issues like bloating and abdominal pain, which are just a few examples. Conventional approaches such as taking antacids for gastric issues only repress the symptoms and don’t resolve the issue at hand.

Just recently, I experienced some stress in my life that resulted in me having very uncomfortable abdominal pain, and bloating. When I used the Body Code on myself I assumed that what would show up would be connected to the stress I had just experienced. I was wrong. What showed up was a psychic trauma imbalancing my solar plexus chakra from about 13 years ago, which had been an extremely traumatic time for me. I was expecting the present stress to reveal some imbalances, but not something from the past. I also hasten to add that digestive issues have not been something I have suffered from prior to this, so this made me even more curious. So a psychic trauma from the past was now ready to be released as a result of the present stress situation!

I believe that we attract to us what our energy holds. This experience showed me that a present stressful situation was probably (and I am hypothesising here) something that was attracted to my energy field due to past trapped energies. This is of course not to place blame, but to bring awareness to the fact that we are constantly interacting with our environment on so many levels.

Well, I continued to experience the digestive issues for a few days after clearing the psychic trauma, and found more trapped emotions from 13 years back relating to the same time. After about 2-3 days, the symptoms subsided completely.

I felt this present stressful situation had been a gift to help me clear out my “past” so to speak.

This Christmas season keep in mind when you experience any digestive issues that it might be a gift to clear out some “old” stuff.  In the process we can honour our bodies, and treat them with respect, with what we eat and drink.

Remember that our body has wisdom, and every symptom we experience is a signal for us to tune in. Our gut health and our emotions are so closely linked, and the gut is sort of a primitive brain that speaks to us. Here is a scenario I know many of you can relate to: when we are emotionally stressed we feel either a loss of appetite, or the opposite, we overindulge. We have to remember to listen to our symptoms and take care of ourselves.

I just recently learned a great yoga technique that can be one of the ways you might choose to take care of yourself. It’s very simple to do and is something that has changed the way that I eat, how I see food, and has had an impact on my digestion and assimilation of the food. Who knows, maybe this is why psychic traumas from the past show up to be cleared.

The technique is as follows, before you eat place your hands on your shoulders to give thanks to your body, then on your lap, followed by crossing them over your heart and then over your eyes for a few seconds each. This is in gratitude for the body that you have, which is going to now receive this food.  Place your hands over your food, feeling energy pouring into the food and feeling so much gratitude. Lastly, put your hands in prayer position and thank the divinity in the food that is in you too, and knowing that when it is eaten it will be digested, and assimilated as a gift from the Divine. Then go ahead and eat your food consciously, being aware of the connection with the food you are eating. When you have eaten, bring together the tips of the fingers of one hand as if you were pinching something with all your fingers, and place the tips pointing down into the palm of the other hand. This is a symbolic gesture of giving thanks to the digestive system for the Divine gift you have just received.

So what do you do when you are not at home and your digestive issues come up? If I am out with friends or family, I do this technique in my head, just giving myself a moment of silence to do so, and most often then not people respect that.

Food is a blessing to us, and so is our body. All is Divine, and so are our messages that the body gives. So honour all. Be present to your body in regards to messages that it receives, and release them using the Emotion Code or Body Code. This way we are more conscious and more tuned into what our body requires and there is a respect for the body and the digestive system. Would this mean we are less likely to have trapped emotions or energies? I don’t know the answer to that, but if we feel good with what we are eating, and treat our bodies with respect, then there are bound to be some benefits from this mutual respect.

Thank you for reading and for being open to what I have shared.

-article written by Charan Surdhar




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