Is Being Allergy Free Possible?

Nowadays, there seems to be “normalization” to the protection phase, and by this I mean that the body has accommodated to this heightened state of being, where the immune system is compromised. This can be for a whole host of reasons, and the reasons for each person’s situation are different. But in this state, there is more of a chance that the body reacts to common substances as dust, or foods etc.

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Tuesday Testimonials: Goodbye Headaches, Fat, Pain, Anger, Allergies

I am happier and no longer have pain in my back, shoulders or hips. I haven't felt this great in years!!! I am now clearing out the trauma I have, and OMG, am I loving life and myself. I am now allergy free haven't had a headache for almost two weeks! My thyroid never worked and I've always been the fat one of my family but not anymore. My hair is even longer and thicker than ever!!

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