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Practitioner Spotlight: Deborah Sutton

Like all practitioners I have many healing stories but I'd like to share my very first Body Code session. As a Holistic Therapist and a recently qualified Emotion Code Practitioner the idea of and releasing of trapped emotions was common place for me but The Body Code took it all to another level which I wasn't quite prepared for. The first person I ever tried The Body Code on, apart from myself, was my husband. We soon identified that his immune system was functioning at a worryingly low level. The first underlying cause took us straight to a saboteur who had energetically stabbed him in the pancreas with a syringe. Straight away he realised it was his dead ex-wife who had been a diabetic and he used to prepare her insulin injections and help her organise her medications etc. Apparently she resented having the illness and him too for being so good at organising things for her. He went on to explain she had been very spiteful and while I was completely spooked by all of this he was calmly acknowledging it was "so her" to stab him that way. The location (pancreas) and the weapon (syringe) both being relevant to the diabetic illness. I was acting as surrogate because we had had some difficulty getting clear muscle test results from him and I was running the magnet down my governing meridian as well as his ( I was new to this at the time remember) and as I did so I felt this almighty energetic blow which knocked me back as if someone had punched me in the face - while I was reeling in shock and disbelief my husband just sat there smiling as he said "Oh she was very jealous too, and I don't think she likes you!!" It was an amazing experience!! He felt a lot better afterwards and his immune system function raised considerably. Since then I have helped release a number of entities and as I've said before, these Wow!! experiences occur on a daily basis now and they are all blessings.

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