I did healing on a client name Linda, who had chosen the Heart-Wall Series. We had cleared her Heart-Wall at the beginning of February. She called me several months later requesting a Reiki session with me, she said she felt that it was what she needed. While talking on the phone, she was coughing so deep it worried me. She said, “I’ve been on antibiotics for the last 3 weeks and nothing is working. I figured you could do something for me.” She coughed again and said, “I cough this deep all the time, it hurts to breathe but doctors can’t find anything. I’m afraid I’ll cough up my toenails!”

When she came in for her session she said she felt awful and that doctors were going to send her to Vancouver for testing. I worked on her and she had lots of trapped emotions and imbalances. Her Solar Plexus was imbalanced, she had a viral energy toxicity as well as trapped emotions of grief, resentment and vulnerability in her lungs — which were unhappy because of the medication she had been prescribed. I confirmed with muscle testing that she needed colloidal silver. As she was leaving she said it was the first time in over a month she could take deeper breaths without it hurting.

Over the weekend I kept in touch with her, doing a mini-session and released a couple of trapped emotions. I heard from her the next week. She was so excited to go back to the doctor and tell them about her improvement. She writes, “I spent 3 weeks in bed, other than when I was going to doctor, for a lung condition. I went through a number of traditional medical treatments which did nothing to help my condition. I went to Rachelle and had a Reiki session then she did some Body Code work. On my way home I stopped and picked up some collodial silver as she suggested. Ever since then I am seeing improvement every day. Rachelle is amazing and I highly recommend her.”

I am truly blessed, Dr. Nelson, that you shared this with me. I will dedicate my life to help others with The Body Code and The Emotion Code.

Rachelle Delorey ~ Prince George, Canada