This is about a dog named Jack. He is a very loving, charming and obedient dog just by nature. Well he started acting different, very clingy to his owner, acting ornery with other dogs (not his character) and got into the cat’s treats and ate them all. These are all behaviors that are unusual for Jack because he just naturally behaves and has never stolen and eaten his cat friends treats before.

I did a session on him and discovered that most of the Trapped Emotions were hidden and weren’t his but were absorbed from his owners. I asked about what was going on in the house and found out the the husband and wife had been fighting and now there was the silent treatment in the household. I realised that the dog was absorbing the emotions of the wife and husband and that is why he was acting strange. This made me realise that everyone in a household has the possibility of absorbing and trapping emotions from other people.

Once I released all the Trapped Emotions Jack settled down and was much calmer. This experience made the wife realise that if a dog can be that effected by Trapped Emotions, what must it be doing to her as a person.

The wife is very open to doing this kind of work but the husband thinks he is fine and doesn’t think he needs to do this kind of work. Most of the Trapped Emotions were from the husband and I was able to help the wife release the Trapped Emotions that were trapped in her that were contributing to this happening.

I just love how this work can help everyone feel better even our beloved pets who only want to love and support us. So please be aware that when a animal or child acts up they may be displaying absorbed emotions from someone else. I really feel this is why animals and children act up and most people don’t have a clue why.

I am so grateful for this wonderful work and will continue working on myself and everyone who comes my way that is open to this kind of healing energy work. I truly feel it is a gift from God and am so grateful I found it.

Kimberly D. ~ Hidden Valley Lake, CA