Here is a wonderful story that I received from someone I have worked with for a couple of years:

I would like to share with you the amazing OMG result of removing the gut-to-gut cord connection from my cousin George and me.

I never hated anyone and, in fact, would always say, ‘I don’t hate anyone.’ Well, that wasn’t true. I have HATED my cousin Alice (George’s sister) for the last twenty-eight or so years. Deep within myself I felt such angry and hateful emotions towards her. There were many reasons why. She was bossy, a bully, and really not a nice person. Anyway, long story short, the intense hatred for her IS GONE from within me, ever since you removed the ‘thing’ from her brother and me.

I stopped being around that part of the family when they started to bully my daughter when she was a toddler, making fun of her and so on. They really are not nice people, but I am ever so grateful to not feel any more hatred towards all of them. Thank you.

Christine (Canada)

– David Yaeger (British Columbia, Canada)