I went to an acupuncturist for plantar fasciitis and explained a bit about The Emotion Code. She wanted to experience this so we got together. I asked if she had any physical issues without telling me what they were. I wanted to ‘play’ and see what would happen. The first emotions came out of her back, and yes she had back issues. The next ones were in her right ear, and yes, she had a hearing blockage. Immediately her ear started to drain, fill up, drain, fill up and continued the whole time I was there. The next morning I emailed her to see how she was and how long she had this ear problem. She always would have back spasms getting out of her car at the end of the day and that has totally cleared up. And she had not been able to hear out of that ear for 30 years! After releasing two more Trapped Emotions she now hears perfectly.

Nancy Konkol ~ Sturtevant, WI

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