When I was 5 years old, I fell off of a tall boulder onto a rocky riverbank. I fell onto my face and I remember my chin bouncing several times. This fall busted my chin open, broke some teeth, permanently dislocated my jaw and damaged my spine in many places.

My parents took me to doctors and therapists and unfortunately none of them (except for the dentist who treated my teeth) recognized any of the damage. I developed migraine headaches and my parents still didn’t know they were caused by the fall and nor did I.

For the next 29 1/2 years, I had a constant migraine of frequently excruciating pain, that never went away day or night. My symptoms were throbbing, squeezing, crushing pain, stabbing pain, light sensitivity, my vision frequently blacking out for moments, sensitivity to noise, fever, chills, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, numbness from my fingers to just above my elbows, feeling delirious and having difficulty thinking and talking at times, daily facial pain, daily neck pain, daily back pain, restricted movement and so forth.

So many things could make my daily pain burst into intense pain such as changes in light, temperature, outside pressure, if someone barely even touched anywhere on my head, a wrong move, even a sneeze, etc.

No doctor and no medicine helped the pain. It was so terrible I often wished for death to stop the pain. And my pleas for help led to no hope. I learned determination to do everything any child did, even running the mile in gym class at school while I could feel my pain intensifying with every pound of my feet on the pavement and the sun rays causing my blood vessels to constrict.

After 29 years of migraines, I discovered chiropractic care. I’d always heard they were “quacks” so I’d never learned about what they do. I began treatments 3 times a week. It wasn’t until a full 6 months into these treatments at age 34 that my migraine pain suddenly lifted and became a normal headache. I continued for a few years like that with daily headache pain and frequent migraine pain a few times a week, but it was no longer constant migraine pain. To maintain this lesser level of pain, I had to keep going to the chiropractor.

When I was 41, I learned about Body Code. I spent 2 hours a week going to appointments for many months and then a few hours a month for a few months, all appointments focusing on healing me so that I would not suffer from migraines anymore. I still need care, because we only got maybe halfway there, but we did have some lasting results.

For instance, since I was a young child (possibly from the fall as well), I always saw colors with a tint of gray out of my left eye . My practitioner used muscle testing through the Body Code to discover the cause. He asked my body to correct a chakra in my forehead. I was excited and shocked to discover that I could see colors equally after that. At the next appointment I mentioned it to him. And although he was surprised and excited too, he walked over to a poster on his wall and pointed out a chart on chakras and that the forehead one directly affects the left eye.

At another appointment, I told him that I was seeing gray out of my left eye again. This time, the Body Code indicated that I had offensive entities causing it. We asked that they be cast out and I could again see colors from both eyes equally. This has happened a few times since and I have prayed for offensive entities to be cast out if they are the cause and I have immediately been able to see equally again.

Another example is that we were checking for helping my facial pain to stop. The Body Code indicated that a meridian that travels from near my eye down to my liver area was not happy. We worked on correcting that and my constant facial pain cleared up.

I had Heart-Walls, that contributed to my migraines. We removed them. We spent hours on each bone (and only got through maybe a dozen of them) asking what each needed to be happy. The pain in them has lessened. We discovered that many of my spiritual bones were not happy either and worked on them. There are so many aspects of the Emotion Code and the Body Code that we addressed for healing my body.

All-in-all, I still have daily head, neck and back pain, but it is so much less, and I only have mild migraines maybe 2-3 times a month, moderate migraines a few times a year and never the excruciating ones anymore.

~Kathryn Starling