Last month my long-time friend came over asking if I could help her adult daughter’s ongoing ear drainage, and all other issues relating to her ear problems. I was led to find a Heart-Wall. The first word that came to mind was “Fur.” I know they can be made of anything symbolically, and I knew the history of Precious, her elderly cat, who’d been her source of emotional comfort since her parent’s divorce. It made sense to both of us, but FORTY MILES of fur is a very big need for emotional protection!

This is a portion of the email I got this morning: “Last night my daughter made the painful and merciful decision to let Precious go. She has been ill for some time now. It was time to relieve her from her pain and suffering.”

My mind immediately jumped to the Heart-Wall session. Did it have anything to do with her ability to finally let this poor sick cat pass on rather than continue with the financial and emotional burden its pain and illness had become? I tested and got a Yes… And by what percentage? 96%!

Healing the daughter’s heart not only benefited her in ways we’ll never know but also manifested enough inner peace so that she was able to allow her furry source of comfort move out of her life.

Still again, words aren’t big enough to say Thank You to Dr Brad!

~Sharon Doerr