Since I have been using The Emotion Code I have managed to remove a lot of trapped emotions relating to the death of my daughter. Rather than ‘not feeling,’ I can feel, express and move on very quickly now.
Removing my Heart-Wall has enabled me to have a sense of being a lot more open and accepting with a huge sense of calmness. Flying to Utah for the Ultimate Health, Wealth and Relationships Retreat from New Zealand was a huge deal for me. Prior to using The Emotion Code, simply getting tired would result in a total body collapse. Doing any physical exercise would result in the same. I managed to travel 26 hours plus, attend the conference, do follow-up activities, travel back to NZ after 4 days for another 26 hours plus, and arrive with an earthquake happening and no luggage arrive, then do a 5 hour drive to home without ANY diarrhea or extreme fatigue! Tiredness yes, though no crippling fatigue. I reset my body clock along the way (we are 20 hours ahead in NZ) and managed to wake up this morning at 6:30 am, feeling relatively refreshed! All I can say is that The Emotion Code and The Body Code are the best things ever to happen in my life!

A huge heartfelt THANK YOU!

~Helen Morris