A Paso Fino mare named Arianna was an abused horse. She was nearly starved to death and who knows what else she had endured? Animal control was able to step in and save her. The farm that I work for brought her to North Carolina, to her forever home. Arianna was fearful of her own shadow. The wonderful people at her new home worked with her for many hours until she was able to trust humans again.

At 12 years old, Arianna had a swayed back. Most would believe this to be from being started under saddle too young. Before I started the tension release session, I did The Emotion Code, using a pendulum instead of a third person to muscle test. I released the emotions of abandonment, fear and helplessness. To my amazement her back raised up nearly 3 inches. This happened right before my eyes. Arianna is a true testament to the physical changes that releasing trapped emotions can achieve!

~ Carolyn Wright