Four weeks ago today my daughter got thrown off the four-wheeler and was buried in the sand underneath it, totally unable to move. She had six broken bones—pelvis, broken collar bone, both sacroiliac joints, two that I can’t remember, horribly sore rib cage. She was unable to use her right arm in any manner also—but NO bleeding and NO bone fragments so NO NEED of any type of surgery, which her doctor said could only be because of help from above.

All are healing three times as fast as normal—she is standing and walking already, exactly one month later. Of course we’ve done all kinds of code and energy work the past four weeks, BUT tonight she called—still the same symptoms of numbness that she called about last week when I convinced her to go to the ER, and they sent her home without finding any cause.

She “goes numb,” but a “cold, scary kind of numb,” and tonight she was terrified. It’s been getting worse the past week, and it now happens every time she eats—and within thirty minutes, she starts “going” cold and numb. Starts at mid section, radiates out to fingers, toes, and up to brain—COLD, SCARY kind of numb. She thinks this must be how you feel you are dying—can‘t get breath or think or talk—then “comes to,” and the numbness recedes, but comes back in lesser and lesser waves, only to repeat in a few hours. She feels like her body “just isn’t right”—it can’t feel warm and she can’t think right. It’s REALLY scary.

First thing I did was to “ask” if it was safe to do this type of work, or if she needed further medical attention. “NO”—safe to do this. It this the most effective, most powerful type of healing for her at this time? Get a “YES.”

I tried to get her to get her own answer, as I didn’t want to be responsible, but she was not very “with it,” and said she couldn’t get any type of test on herself. “Just do it.” I told her I wouldn’t do this on anyone else, but since she was my daughter, I’d accept that and test from here.

I prefer to have my “subjects” test along with me to verify my answers to themselves if they can, but she got really upset and said she can’t make the simplest muscle test work and is almost in tears: “Just do it—I NEED HELP! I can’t understand what you are asking.” So I did it by proxy. Then she made this statement: “I am so dehydrated. I drink and drink and my mouth is dry, and I can’t go to the bathroom right either.”

It is most amazing to me that the “client” so often speaks out the answer or solution, yet is totally unaware of doing so. God has amazing ways of getting us, the healers, the information we need.

“Is dehydration the root issue we need to clear?” YES. “But (God led me to ask) WHAT is the underlying cause of the dehydration, and is THAT the Underlying Cause of the numbness?” YES.

I go to The Body Code, which took me smack-dab to disconnections, to “Spirit out of body: 55%”—about then she started going crazy.

“Mom, Mom, Mom—when you said that, I started getting goosebumps, and chills—but GOOD, WARM chills, MOM!”

By now she is almost screaming. I restored the Spirit to the boundaries of the physical body as she was carrying on.

“Mom—this makes sense—right after I hit the ground, it was the weirdest thing. It felt like the air was just ‘sucked out of me,’ but the docs couldn’t see any sign of bruising or broken ribs—but my rib cage hurts more than the broken bones, and nothing has been right since then. That’s what it was—my spirit getting ‘sucked out.'”

She just kept it up:

“Mom—it’s coming in waves—Mom—my feet are finally warm—Mom—it’s the first time I’ve been warm since the accident, and you know me, I never wear a coat, and it was a scary, bad kind of cold, then I go numb. But this is warm—like waves—and it’s pulsating up and down my body. My midsection is going crazy—pulsating and tingling.

MOM, MOM, MOM—I don’t have words. My ‘head’ is back—I can think—I can make sensible statements. I’ve been in a fog ever since the accident—oh my goodness, oh—Mom this makes the Holy Ghost shivers feel like nothing. I’m going to just lay here and enjoy it. I’m warm. It’s a safe kind of warm. It’s such a happy feeling. My body is pulsating and tingling, but it is not at all scary. It feels so GOOD. MOM—I don’t have words…”

I ask, “Are there any other UC?” NO. Next thing:

“Mom, I’ve been drinking so much water trying to get hydrated, but all of a sudden I have to go to the bathroom. I’ll call you in the morning. I’m fine now. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.”

I remember she felt dehydration was a big issue a week ago, when she called telling me about this numbness that she would get and I told her to call her doctor. She lives way out in the Arizona desert and it took ninety minutes for the 911 people to reach her, only to send her home with no solution. She went to where she could call tonight because she was so scared.

Anyways—it is nothing short of a miracle the way God inspired Dr. Brad to put The Body Code together to lead us to EXACTLY the issue that is in need of healing—and OF COURSE the medical system would not know there is such a thing as “spirit out of body.”

All I can say is: Thank you, Spirit of All, for the healing You choose to bless us with at this time. And THANK YOU DR. BRAD for being willing and open to do what it took to bring this wondrous healing method to lay-people.

I talked to Vicky this morning. She is putting pieces together that are mind boggling. First, she has been telling me for the entire month that she “can’t breathe right,” and can I test her lungs, and I get nothing. “Mom, I just can’t get my breath—feels like I am going to suffocate—and my mouth has NO saliva.” So dry, no matter how much water she drinks. And right after we did the “spirit” thing, she took her first real full breath since the accident, and with no pain—just inhaled and exhaled normally. AND she now has saliva in her mouth. When I “gave her breath” back, she got her “river of life” as she called it, and her mouth now has “water”—and her mind and thought processes are ‘back.’

AND the other funny thing was that her dogs haven’t wanted to come near her since the accident. “Mom, Mousie—my never-leaves-my-side guard dog—sits across the room and just stared at me hour after hour. About drove me nuts the way she looked at me. And this morning they both came and jumped on the bed and Mousie started licking my face, and her tail was going 100 miles an hour. Mom—even the dogs knew something bad was wrong with me, and they are glad I am ‘back.'”

“Mom, you can’t know what it’s like not to be ‘all here.’ Nothing makes sense, you are sort of disoriented. I heard words that I knew, but they were all confusing—like I got so mad last night when you asked me to take my fingers down the top and back of my head. And you are grumpy and grouchy and can’t sleep. It’s REALLY BAD, and you have to have had it to know how to explain it. From now on, I think you need to check everyone you work on to see if any of their spirit is maybe out of their body—especially if they have had an accident— and please check Phil.” This is her son, who had this horrific brain injury five years or more ago, was not expected to live, and is mentally challenged and on all kinds of drugs.

It happened so long ago, I never thought to test, and—sure enough—35% spirit out of body. So now the next step is to see if we get any feedback that things have improved for him. THAT WOULD BE THE BIGGEST MIRACLE OF ALL.

Again, THANK YOU GOD AND DR. BRAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

– Sharon Doerr