“I had built a Heart-Wall™ after an unplanned pregnancy at 18. I had a lot of resentment around shifting my dreams for my life and a lot of hurts from the reactions of my parents. I was a freshman in college when our daughter was born. My boyfriend and I had decided to give her up for adoption. We changed our minds after she was born when my parents offered to help raise her until we were ready to become full time parents.

I continued to pursue my degree at a university 4 hours away, only getting the opportunity to see her every 4-6 weeks. I fell into a deep depression and felt a lot of guilt, shame, and unworthiness. These feelings plagued me even after she came to live with us. I couldn’t shake the feeling of failure and thought that if we had another baby, I would be able to make up for the time that I lost with her and would feel like a good mother.

We did get married and had two more daughters, but then new feelings compacted the old as I was now an overwhelmed young mother of three who had given up on her career aspirations. I felt completely worthless. No matter how much I tried to prove myself, I was never enough.

Fast forward 20 years. My life looked perfect from the outside. I had a beautiful family, a very successful and loving husband, but I had no self-worth. I had told myself that my role in life was to support everyone else in reaching their dreams because it was too late for me to have my own. I ought to be satisfied with what I had, but I wasn’t.

My dissatisfaction was a poison that leaked out into my relationships, especially with my husband. I had become emotionally shut down. He saw it as a dissatisfaction with him and started pursuing other relationships. We separated and he moved across the country, taking one of our two daughters who still lived with us along with him. I was devastated to realize that I had given up my life for my family only to lose it.

During this time, I began therapy of all sorts. I worked with an energy healer, a psychotherapist, and even a hypnotherapist. I was determined to work through all of the emotions that were holding me back. I made a lot of progress and shifts in my life. My husband and I ended up reconciling and re-uniting our family, but things continued to trigger me. I was still falling back into old behaviors and couldn’t figure out why. I had done so much work but couldn’t seem to reprogram certain aspects of myself.

Then, when I read the Emotion Code®, it became clear to me that I was being controlled by these underlying emotions that were still lodged in my body. I found my Heart-Wall along with several inherited emotions and began removing them one by one. It was physically exhausting and I would have to take a nap after each session.

After removing my Heart-Wall, I feel physically different. My chest feels open. Tension is gone from my body. I am finally able to feel good about myself. I have a new found sense of purpose in my life and excitement for what opportunities are in store for me.”

~Heather H., USA

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