Here is a wonderful testimonial from Linda Mauer, who battled an addiction with alcohol and how the Emotion Code helped her:

“After an abusive childhood, I started drinking alcohol at age 15 just to feel a bit normal and be able to talk to people.  I was a loner through most of my school years and had poor social skills.  With a combination of self-loathing, naivety and alcohol I was vulnerable to unfortunate situations.  I was raped at 16 and gang raped at 17.  I continued to spiral downward with unsuccessful relationships, unstable friendships, isolation and difficult work life.

Even though I didn’t quite hit rock bottom, I couldn’t see much point in living.  I didn’t want to kill myself so something had to give for me to feel more positive about life.  With will power I managed to greatly reduce my alcohol consumption but it was always a struggle.  Any time life would throw up some major difficulty or frustration the nagging desire to drink was unbearable. Then at the ripe old age of 57, I came across The Emotion Code and decided that the removal of my heart-wall would be a good place to start. Jean Nelson removed my heart-wall with particular concentration on my addiction issues.  She discovered I had addictive heart energy and other triggers that were causing the cyclical behavior of the addiction. I now no longer have any desire to drink. YIPPEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! The result has well and truly exceeded any of my expectation and after 40 years of struggling with alcohol I feel like a different person. Life feels worth living again. Now when upsets arise the thought to drink comes, but dissipates instantly without any effort on my part and the agony of the intense emotional argument I used to have with myself. I cannot thank Jean and Dr Nelson enough for what they have done for me.  I still have much clearing to do but now I have a stable foundation to work from.”

Love and gratitude,

Linda Mauer