I have an elderly client who was struggling with a lot of symptoms typical of Alzheimer’s Disease, but she was not formally diagnosed. Among her many symptoms, the most difficult for me as a practitioner was difficulty communicating with her because she would start one thought, but would quickly get distracted and start talking about something else. So I would have to rely on her Power of Attorney to answer any question I had.

We used The Body Code to release subconscious barriers that got in the way of her ability to focus on the task at hand, whether it was holding a conversation or completing a simple task. It only took 45 minutes!

The following week, I was able to have complete conversations with her throughout the entire session! Not once did she start discussing another topic in response to my questions! Then when she needed more water, she went and got it herself! I called her later to ask if I could share her story and we had a 15 min conversation, and she stayed with me the entire time!

Since then we’ve worked specifically on absorbing what she learns and memory, and I’m noticing she seems to have better recall of what happened during the week!

She said to me that she can now hear better. When I asked to to clarify, she said it was as if there were black spots in her hearing (where words were supposed to be) that are no longer there! I suspect what she meant was that the words sounded like gibberish, but I will need to clarify.

She said that she was really enjoying getting to know others in her nursing home now, and that she’s noticed more of “an exchange of ideas.” She told me that she was talking to a woman who was treating her “as if she were normal,” and then she thought “Oh my God, maybe I AM normal now!!!”

I tested her a bit, and we still have work to do, but her progress is amazing, and the people she lives with, and her family, can see a clear difference! She is ecstatic, and is feeling like she’s coming out of a cloud that has been hanging over her for years!! As for me, I am still in shock!

My research background in Neuroscience and Neuroepidemiology was in Alzheimer’s Disease. I am keenly aware of the extensive neuropathology and risk factors, that accumulate over a lifetime to manifest in the expression of the disease. I am aware of the enormous emotional and financial burden this has on families, because of how long people can survive with the disease! We as a research community believed that at best we might be able to slow progression of the disease, especially if it was caught at the stage of “Mild Cognitive Impairment”, which may or may not progress to Alzheimer’s.

I can’t claim that we’ve “cured” her yet. She still has problems with memory, and issues with space and time that we are working on. For the 4 years I’ve used this method, I’ve always strongly suspected that The Body Code could help. However I was completely shocked by how quick and drastic her progress was!

The researcher side of me is also shocked by the discrepancies between what is known in the field vs. what I actually released from her. I now think (based on work with hundreds of clients, and other evidence) that the research community needs to place a LOT more focus on our accumulative life long beliefs, in relationship to a huge range of physical and mental health issues, including dementia!

While I’ve been a part of many miracles (both of my own and with clients) thanks to The Body Code, there is none that excite me as much as this one! For over 20 years, I’ve been very skeptical about a pharmaceutical one-size-fits-all approach to Alzheimer’s, because it is a disease that is due to a lifetime accumulation of risk factors. It is one of the most costly (thanks to how long people live with it) and emotionally devastating diseases to those who are inflicted with it and their families. Nothing would give me more joy than to be able to help relieve more people (and their families) from the devastating effects of this disease!

Tina Huang, PHD ~ Seattle, Washington, USA

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