“Erica called me on a Friday evening, stating that she had a horrible head discomfort and felt an intense discomfort in her chest, like she was getting sick but that it would be “bad sick.” She didn’t think she would be able to leave town the next day as we had planned. She asked that I try using The Emotion Code® on her.

I went through my connection process, connected to Erica, and released a few emotions for the debilitating throbbing in her head and symptoms like nausea and light sensitivity plus chest congestion. I did not text her the released emotions until the next morning, because she was going to bed. Later she called me and said, “I cannot believe it!” At about 1:00 am she woke and felt better, then went back to sleep and woke the next morning like nothing has been wrong the night before, “when she had felt like she was dying.” She was telling everyone that weekend what had happened, what I did, and how it had affected her.

I also worked on three others that weekend with amazing feedback, and extreme interest. I continue to work on my family and friends with amazing results and wonderful feedback, and I am now here to be certified to incorporate this modality into my budding energy healing business.”

~Cari B., USA

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