I am an Animal Communicator and have been working with clients for 12 years, and when I heard about The Emotion Code, I got really excited for my clients and decided that it could help.

My client Romeo is a sweet older dog and his person called me to say that he was not eating and in a lot of pain due to Kidney Stones that the vet said he was not going to be able to pass on his own, so there would have to be an operation very soon. The problem was compounded with the fact that he has heart issues and he had not eaten for several days, so that he must eat first to gain back his strength. She called me to ask him to start eating again and to find out why he was not eating.

The light bulb went on, and I used The Emotion Code on him, with her permission. He had 7 Trapped Emotions, all from before she had adopted him. I have used The Emotion Code on animals before, but usually it is only one or two emotions. Within an hour she emailed that Romeo was eating again. She and I were excited to see what the Vet would say about the stones. I asked her to make sure they did another x-ray before scheduling the operation. Her vet did just that, and let her know that the stones were so small that they appeared they were going to pass without a problem. Interesting I say, very interesting!! I love this work.

Barbara Martin ~ Fairfax, CA

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