Well, I have been struggling with emotions for a while and my friend suggested The Emotion Code. I got the book but I couldn’t fully understand it. The other day, I got an invitation to watch a webinar presented by Dr. Bradley and something just clicked!

Monday came and I felt like rubbish, didn’t feel right at all; Tuesday was the same. I came home determined to use The Emotion Code. I tried it and found that my body was more than ready to help ME! I managed to work on some issues that were making me feel like rubbish and getting rid of them was so amazingly easy! OMG! I was able to talk to my inner ME, which knew exactly what was bothering me, and we got rid of it with a magnet. How easy was that?! And the best part of it was that it cost me nothing. So again, thank you for teaching me this, sometimes there are money issues that stop us from learning, but you have managed to explain and share it with so many of us that can’t afford to go to therapist or seminars.

You have truly shared God’s gift, thank you!

Love, Patty

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