I had a client which was suffering for a frozen arm. She was suffering from it for 2 years already. Besides to be in pain, she is a painter. So it was a really big issue to her because of her career. It was her right arm. She went to rehab, was seeing her doctor, and she just was ready to give up. She find out about The Emotion Code from a previous client and my client recommend to her to have a session with me.

The day of the session she was in a pain which in the scale of pain she rated at 6 and she really couldn’t move her arm to much. After the session, she was able to move her arm and she didn’t have any pain at all! This is one of my favorite testimonials, because she really didn’t know to much of The Emotion Code, but she still tried and give it the opportunity. Since then she is being able to paint again and she is doing tours, teaching her painting technique and traveling all over the world. 🙂

Mary Ruiz ~ Texas

Mary is one our gifted staff practitioners here at HealersLibrary! You can book a session with her by visiting: https://www.healerslibrary.com/services/

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