“My wife was 33 weeks pregnant with our second child at the time, when during an appointment with our midwife she voiced her concern that “Moochy Mooch” (nick name for our unborn baby) was not in a favorable birthing position. Moochy Mooch was hanging out in right occiput posterior and had been in that general position for the entire pregnancy and had never been on the left side thus far. (Note that the ideal birthing position is left occiput anterior.)

Interestingly, during my wife’s first pregnancy, our daughter never resided on the left side either. That evening I tested to see if any trapped emotions were influencing the baby’s position and there were. I then tested if the emotions belonged to my wife or Moochy Mooch. I was surprised to find they tested positive for our unborn baby. I had used The Emotion Code® multiple times before on my pregnant wife, but this would be the first time I worked with a baby in utero. We released 13 emotions altogether. The first was Moochy Mooch’s direct preconception emotion, the next two were inherited, and the rest were absorbed emotions. I knew The Emotion Code would have an impact, but was amazed at how quickly and how much it did.

The following morning, my wife informed me that Moochy Mooch was moving more than normal during the night. Later that same day, my wife sent me a text that she almost lost her balance when the baby shifted over to her left side. Moochy Mooch was now nuzzled in left occiput anterior position. Since that time, the baby has remained generally left and has not returned to the right.”

~Zach G., USA

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