I downloaded the book, The Emotion Code: How to Release Your Trapped Emotions for Abundant Health, Love and Happiness and I was fascinated by this new world of energy healing I was learning about. I had been brought up in a home that was familiar with herbs, homeopathies, at-home birth, etc., so this wasn’t too far a stretch for me to consider. Before I knew it, I was working on myself, releasing Trapped Emotions and working on a thing called The Heart-Wall®, explained in The Emotion Code®. My family also acted as guinea pigs while I perfected this new found “hobby.”

Anyway, I got pretty good a releasing these Trapped Emotions from family, friends, and even the unsuspecting dog. It wasn’t just a few months later when I decided I wanted to delve even deeper into this energy work stuff, convincing my business partner that we needed to purchase the big mama, the system that The Emotion Code is actually a part of, The Body Code™.

I started working on sore necks, sore backs, migraines, hyper-active pets, even thrush (I didn’t know what that even was at that point, but I understand that we improved that too)! I was actually getting really good at releasing this stuff, and I think my wife even had a moment of pride, watching people ask if I could help them by addressing certain ailments going on in their bodies.

A real turning point was when 1-year-old son stopped sleeping through the night. He went from sleeping through the night without a peep, to waking up four, five, or sometimes eight times during the night. After a few weeks of this, my wife said, “Why don’t you try your Body Code thingy on him?” Hmm. Not a bad idea! I hurriedly went to work on our baby, Parker. I found an environmental chemical toxin found in cleaning supplies that he had been exposed to. I asked my wife if Parker had been around bathroom cleaners or something like that. She said he hadn’t, and I was stumped for a moment. A thought popped in my head. I tested him for a negative reaction to soap. Yep, that was it. I asked her if she had started using a new soap when she bathed him. “No, just the regular baby bath wash I’ve been using since he was born.” Hmm. “What could it be then?” I thought. “Wait!” she said excitedly. “He just started sitting up better in water, so I don’t use the baby tub anymore. I’ve been putting him in the regular tub.” I thought, “K. That doesn’t make any sense”, but I was appreciative that she was trying to help figure out this mystery. “And that is when I started putting bubble bath in the tub with him!” she said. Bingo. I asked if that is when he stopped sleeping through the night. She said it was. I suggested we stop using the bubble bath and see if that made any difference. Sure enough, later that week, Parker started sleeping through the night. That’s when I thought, “Maybe there is something here, and maybe I can help more people with this energy healing stuff.”

I decided to get my education done to become a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner so I could have the credibility and self-validation I felt I needed to do this on a more professional level. I just completed my first session yesterday as a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner with a boy with borderline autism. I’m anxiously waiting to hear back from his mother on any improvements in his behavior. I had worked with a couple other children during my certification process that had been diagnosed with autism and the results were amazing. That is why I’ve chosen to specialize in working with those diagnosed with autism and those with autistic tendencies as well as those with any behavioral issues.

At any rate, I’m really grateful to have found something that allows me to help people, to do something that I have a knack at doing, and to make new friends along the way.

~Michael Wiest, St. George, Utah, USA