I took off using The Emotion Code and Body Code before I had started doing my Emotion Code certification. My wife found the E-Motion movie which started it all. Then a quick seminar in Phoenix, AZ and next we attended The Ultimate Heath Wealth and Relationship Retreat in Henderson, NV in March 2017. I had started practicing The Emotion Code on my wife as she drove us to the retreat. Afterwards, I started working at spreading the word on this breakthrough Dr. Bradley Nelson found. My wife did the same, telling everyone,”You gotta check out YouTube. Look up Dr. Bradley Nelson!”
My wife’s client’s husband from her salon decided to let us work on him. At first, we both worked on him. We were still so new to this work, but couldn’t get enough of wanting to help people. The husband (I’ll call him Bob) is 58 years old and he didn’t believe in energy healing, but his wife (I’ll call her Barbara,) insisted,”Give it a try.” He said, “I’m willing to try anything.” From my understanding, Bob was having pancreas issues. I later found out his pancreas was failing and his doctors knew it. He was growing weaker and weaker by the day, losing lots of weight. It was a shot in the dark. Bob and Barbara didn’t know whether he was going to live much longer. My wife told me one day, “Bob is bad. Barbara thinks he is dying.”
I started clearing Bob religiously, any chance I got, every day if his subconscious would let me. I just wanted to do everything I could to help him with The Emotion Code. It was strenuous for him to talk from time to time. In all honesty, I didn’t know if when I talked to my wife again she was gonna tell me that Bob had died because the feedback was so slim. Using email, I would send his results and later my wife would hear from Barbara at the salon about how he was doing. Barbara would say, “He is feeling a lot better, he’s feeling a lot better.” When I heard that…Whew, what a relief! I was so glad to hear that. It had gotten to a point where I was clearing things on him and emailing the results but had lost contact because I wasn’t hearing anything back. I’d ask my wife if she’d heard anything, and she hadn’t.
I have to admit… I was new and learning, and I lost focus on Bob. I hadn’t heard anything back in weeks, maybe a month or more. At this point, I stopped working on him. I figured if something was still wrong, she or I would hear about it. So days went on, I continued working toward my Emotion Code certification which I’d started in July I believe. It just so happened, the day before I got my certificate of completion, my wife tells me,”Barbara wants to talk to you. Call her when you get a chance. I think she wants you to work on her now.” I call Barbara, no answer. I leave a message that says, “Hello Barbara, I hope you and Bob are doing well. My wife had mentioned you wanted me to call you. I would be happy to work on you, just let me know. Tell Bob hello for me.”
Barbara ended up speaking to my wife about what she wanted to tell me. My wife texted me and said, “Oh my God, Babe, call me when you can… I have some insane and exciting news to tell you about Bob, about the clearings you did on him!” I call my wife and she begins to tell me about Bob. She says, “Bob had an MRI done and they had scheduled him for surgery. The doctors found a large tumor in or around the pancreas. (I’m not quite sure where she said it was exactly.) Bob had a tumor on the MRI and the day of the surgery, the doctors opened him up and there’s no tumor. They looked and looked and couldn’t find the tumor. They looked at the MRI again…tumor… Looking inside Bob, no tumor!”
This story just blows my mind. I knew I had to share this. The story may be a bit long but it’s my path to becoming a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner. I can’t thank Dr. Bradley Nelson and staff enough for doing what you do. Training and educating people to come to light with this amazing gift that we all have.
Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy this story and it touches you like it has definitely touched me. Just knowing of The Emotion Code and how to do it has changed my life forever! Becoming certified, I hope to change others.
~ Johnathan Covey, CECP