“Practicing The Emotion Code® on myself for the first time was a massive lifesaver for me. It has created a huge change in my life. I believe that everyone should know about this, how to use it, how to help themselves and others to recover from the past, from family trauma, and from so much more.

“I had always felt like I was alone in this world, like there was no one for me, like I was lost in the middle of it all. Not any more.

“After someone mentioned the name of The Emotion Code to me, I looked into it as much as I could. I watched every single video I could find on how to use the technique and taught myself how to use muscle testing. One evening, in the corner of my bedroom, I stood up and released my first few trapped emotions. All of a sudden, I felt this unbelievable feeling of not being alone anymore, like if the entire Universe was looking out for me, was there for me at this precious time where I was going to receive energy healing. It was like all of my ancestors were there surrounding me and creating a barrier of protection and love around me. It was incredible to feel this amount of love I was experiencing all of a sudden.

“During the session I also felt a weight fall down from my shoulders, freeing me from what I now call my heavy family trauma. It was a trauma made with tears, incredible uprooting repetitions through the generations, rejection from the people of the land, and all the sadness associated with it.

“I wanted to believe that I could recover from the impossible, incurable, intense and chronic digestive illness that I had. And I experienced an incredible need and ability to breathe fully, completely, exponentially. My lungs were starting to open up toward accommodating more and more oxygen, but they were still not quite ready yet.

“The following day was the beginning of my new life. A few weeks before the session, I had booked myself a workshop in London and wanted to be free of suffering in order to go there. On that day, I left at 5am to take the train and and spent the whole day in the workshop and had a drink with friends before arriving back home after 11pm. Believe me for someone who has suffered with serious and agonizing digestive issues nearly my whole life, I can absolutely say that this day was a success. I kept on checking if I was suffering the whole day, thinking to myself, ‘Do I have discomfort now? Nope, what about now? What about now?’ NO, no, no, no, no, no, NOPE. No suffering. I was so excited about the possibilities for me because of this. It was incredible.

“Since then, I have never experienced the intense intestinal discomfort as strongly as I used to, and at that time I really truly thought my life was going to be short. Now I understand that life can be transformed and recreated through the release of specific emotions and through the removal of the weight of trauma from within the light body. It can be life-changing and I 100% believe that nearly every problem in life starts with a trapped emotion creating havoc in the energy flow of the body. I love learning about this technique every day and feel overjoyed when I uncover something that absolutely makes sense. You just need to go through a session to understand. It is so precious but also so very amazing to have received this tool and change lives of people one emotion at a time.”

~Celine G., Great Britain

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