“The power of The Emotion Code® has been significant with all of the people I’ve worked with. I’ve witnessed clients’ lives shifting and changing with the release of trapped emotions. Many have been in holding patterns for a long time, and those patterns are releasing.

My most significant experience was with Jayden. He’s a 12-year-old boy who has experienced significant upsetting unresolved issues in his life. Over the past 3 years, his behavior has become increasingly more disruptive and violent. His outbursts have included foul and hurtful language, and the destruction of property like walls with holes, smashed valuables, a steel refrigerator stabbed with a knife, and paint thrown on new carpet. Nothing that held any value was safe.

It had reached a point where everyone in the family was suffering. His younger sister was becoming afraid of him and what he’d do. His mother was in a constant place of stress and wasn’t sleeping. She had to quit her job so she could be there to support him and to support herself. His mother’s relationship with her fiance was becoming strained. Often, the family would choose to isolate themselves from social engagements because they were emotionally exhausted and drained, never sure of what Jayden would do next. No matter what they tried, nothing seemed to help. The whole family was being impacted by the intensity he’d been through, and everyone was walking on eggshells. Life was a constant challenge.

I decided I wanted to work with the whole family during my Emotion Code practicum, but it felt really important to start with Jayden and to release his Heart-Wall™. With his mother’s permission, we had three or four proxy sessions. After each session, I’d check in with his mum to gauge his reactions. Each time, she reported that there were significant changes for the better in his behaviors. He was starting to eat more. He had been eating very little, as a side effect of one of his medications was that food tasted terrible. He was sleeping more, and his moods weren’t as violent.

After our second to last proxy session, he had the biggest breakthrough. He came home from school, and it had been a really rough day with his friends. They’d made fun of him and he came home feeling awful. In the past, he would have lashed out with anger and violence. This day, he came home and cried in his mum’s arms. He said he was frustrated by his friends and wanted to create friendships that were positive and supportive. His mum was astounded by the changes happening with her son.

It’s been three weeks since we completely released Jayden’s Heart-Wall, and life is changing for Jayden and the whole family. He’s still experiencing ups and downs, but he hasn’t had a violent outburst. He’s engaging with his family in a more positive way and everyone is starting to relax. Life is improving, and there’s a greater sense of peace. The whole family is starting to feel better, and there’s optimism about the future.”

~Erin L., Canada

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