My client, Jamie had pain in her sacrum at a level 5, on and off for years. After releasing 7 Trapped Emotions with The Emotion Code, we got the pain level down to a 2.

My client, Sara had a chronic pain in her leg measuring at a level 7. After releasing 6 Trapped Emotions with The Emotion Code, her pain level went down to a 1.

My horse client, Echo was totally spooked by a new donkey on his property. Within the first week of meeting the donkey, Echo had a hard time staying on track with his lessons. During my daughter’s horse lesson with Echo, I worked on him by proxy, using The Emotion Code. I released 7 Trapped Emotions. The next week when we went for a lesson. Echo went right up to the donkey, nose to nose, to smell him. It was amazing to see such a difference in one week’s time. I loved working on this horse!

~Mollie Billings