Hi, my name is Natalya Bauer. I am and elementary teacher and a mother of three. I’m also a Reiki master. Briefly about myself – a rough life in Russia, four marriages, a broken heart after the third one, that’s in the way of the happiness in my last marriage, physical problems, lumps growing, weird moles showing up, a couple of viruses eating me alive, screwing up my nervous system. I’ve been investing in supplements up to a thousand dollars a month hoping to get my younger kids out of gluten and lactose related digestive problems, nervous system disorders like anxiety and depression.

I found out about The Emotion Code program first when my friend, a licensed nutritionist, put a sheet of paper in front of me and started rolling a little refrigerator calendar on my back. I am pretty open to whatever she does but this stunned me for a sec… I was even more stunned when my physical symptoms that had been bothering me for a few years started disappearing one after another, as we cleared generational Trapped Emotions. I dragged my kids to her and worked on them. Same result – perfect healing of emotional wounds, a lot of which got trapped when their father had to leave the country when I was pregnant with my last one, staying under the blue sky with no support.

When I figured out how much it would cost me to heal my family – a husband and three kids – I prayed, went online, clicked on the search button, and for the biggest gift God could possibly give me – The Body Code!!! My happiness had no limits. It’s heaven! The problems have been melting away. The kids got calmer, got into gifted education program after releasing anxiety and panic for the tests, my husband is my mister-helpful-surrogate-tester. The kids’ intolerances are going away. I feel so much calmer! I just found out I am losing my school where I’ve been teaching ESL for the last twelve years. As soon as I feel fear before the unknown, I start releasing and immediate relief follows every time.

Just know if Americans have three hundred Trapped Emotions, Russians have three thousand – too many wars and other problems in the country. Takes a while to heal 🙂

Friends have benefited from my healing a lot! Everyone reports calmness and peace. It’s still work in progress but definitely a bright light at the end of the tunnel 🙂

Thanks you, dear Dr. Nelson for the invaluable gift you gave to the world. You are right. I’ve seen different healing techniques in my lifetime. This is the most advanced and effective one known today. You can take a ton of capsules and they won’t work simply because of the root causes still sitting there irritating the body! Blessings from all my heart!!!

Natalya ~ Maple Grove, MN

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