Recently I worked with Shawn who is a 50-something-year-old gay male. Shawn has not shared many of his life stories of abuse as a child, but with the help of The Emotion Code, Shawn came away completely unblocked in areas of his mind and body that were almost unexplainable. He shared with me stories that he had never shared which kept him hostage with shame and guilt feeling like a victim in life. Today he is ever thankful to me for introducing him to The Emotion Code.

Jana is another example of holding onto grief from loosing her father and going through a devastating divorce. While she was with me, she literally melted in my arms as I rolled the roller over her head and back as she let go a wave of grief that had been held onto for decades. She felt such an emotional release that literally she could not walk straight and her feet and hands were tingling as if on fire. She felt a beam of white light emanating from her head and has surprised her friends and loved ones with her new zest for life.

In both cases of these two individuals, I felt their release energetically as if bolts of energy left their bodies. It was the most amazing experience.

~Valohna L. W.