Although I’d heard of and had a little experience with The Emotion Code, I wasn’t 100% on board until my mom used The Body Code to help heal the relationships of my children (gut to gut cords). When I saw the difference it made in the way they treated each other, I decided I wanted to be a part of it. After I told my mom, she sent me the link to listen to a webinar.

As I listened to Dr Nelson using The Body Code to help people who were in pain, I remember thinking, “I could never raise my hand. What would he help me with?” At that moment, I got an urgent feeling/prompting to “raise my hand” and before I realized what was happening, I had clicked the button. I was about to unraise it, when Dr Nelson said my name. I was shocked (but I don’t think that emotion was trapped), and then felt the same prompting feeling to tell him about my eye. It was bothersome, and had been for about two weeks, but it wasn’t anything crippling like others he’d helped. Either way, When he asked if I was in pain, I told him about my eye. He released an inherited emotion and a Will to Die energy. The stinging in my eye was gone and I was left with a slight itch. (Which went away a few hours later).

After that webinar, I bought The Body Code and have been using it to help my family. I’ve had so many incredible experiences and I have felt so much closer to my family, my savior, and even myself. It’s so much more than “fixing” problems.

Stacy ~ West Jordan, UT, United States

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