“I can’t believe this” “What did you do?” “How is this possible?” These are just a few reactions my clients experience after we release/correct the blocks, imbalances and misalignments that keep them in a state of discomfort and pain.

These statements never cease to bring a mist to my eyes and a deep gratitude in my heart as I stand witness to the Divine grace and healing taking place right before me.

Only 4 years ago, I had found a book that had my full attention. The figure on the front cover with arms outstretched to universal love and light was the first thing to capture my attention. It was as if by divine appointment it just showed up before me. The Emotion Code by Dr Bradley Nelson was about to profoundly change my life.

For the past 2 years I have worked full time as a Certified Practitioner in both The Emotion Code and The Body Code. It is on a daily basis that I am witness to so many of these blessings. I would now like to share one of these beautiful testimonials with you:

“For approximately the past 8 years I have not been able to raise my left arm up beyond my shoulder. When I would attempt to stretch my arm, my muscles would lock and I could not go any further. The pain in this arm ran down the outside of my upper arm down the forearm then down to my wrist. Just touching any part of the outside of my arm was very painful. I would rub the arm to get some relief but the inability to raise the arm never changed. During my session today with Angela she found this area of my body to be a concern. I am not sure exactly what she did but I am very sure of my body’s reaction. Within moments of her completing her release she had me slowly try and raise my arm. I lifted my left arm and to my amazement I once again had full range with this arm. Without any hesitation I was able to stretch my left arm over my head and actually grab my right ear. This was absolutely incredible! “
~Joan Czotter
Victoria, BC

With Much Love and Gratitude,
Angela Hanna | Integrated Energy Wellness