My first experience with The Emotion Code was with a neighbor of my son’s who came by, walking horses. I told them that horses were for riding, not walking! She explained that one of the horses was being taught how to act by walking it with another horse that was gentle. Apparently, the wild horse had been badly abused.

I had just finished The Emotion Code book and told her there is a faster, better way to help the horse. I showed her the book that I had finished 3 hours before. Two days later, I ask her if she’d read the book and asked what happened. Yes, she answered. She had used The Emotion Code on her horse. The horse immediately went from running to the opposite side of the field when approached to following her in the field and resting its head on her shoulder! That was over a year ago. I saw Briney last week and asked her how the horse was doing. Apparently really well because she said that horse is her favorite. She also uses it with her children.

~William Wellisch