Denise reported working with Rod, age 59 who is very mentally sick. She stated, “Most everyone’s opinion was that he should be institutionalized. He was in such a state as to stay in bed and only eat cheese sticks, not talking to anyone. My first challenge was to get permission to work with him, to use The Emotion Code. Then I decided to start with removing his Heart-Wall. Symbolically his Heart-Wall was made of zirconia and 15,999 feet thick. Because he was so sick I decided to remove the trapped emotions slowly. We started February 9th. On March 15th his Heart-Wall was down to 2,378 feet. He is now eating meals like spaghetti and pork chops. He’s doing daily activities such as reading. He has asked for a cell phone. He actually even fixed something on the computer. When I heard about the things he is doing, it is certainly more than I expected!”

~Denise H Durocher