My first animal client was a cat, Jake, who lives in England. I live in the Netherlands.

Jake used to lick himself so vigorously all day, that his legs got bald, and the skin on his legs got inflamed. The vet tried anything, from pills to injections, ointments etc. Nothing worked. Jake also didn’t want to be around his lady owner and hid under the table or behind the couch.

With The Emotion Code, I found out that Jake had some trapped emotions – confusion, grief, abandonment, guilt and sadness. It turned out that Jake’s previous (male) owner had suddenly passed away 4 years earlier. The two of them had been inseparable. Jake didn’t understand why his owner wasn’t there anymore. That made him confused and very sad. Cats comfort themselves by licking. He felt guilty, and thought that it was all his fault.

The lady owner and I released these trapped emotions from Jake. She was very emotional while we worked on him. Two weeks later, she send me a picture of Jake. He was snuggling up on her lap. He was a happy cat once more! All the inflammation was gone and new fur was starting to grow on his legs.

Then after that, I saw a picture of Jake’s female owner on facebook, smiling a radiant smile. All her friends couldn’t believe how happy she looked after all those years! What a fantastic ripple effect!

~Diny H.