“I did an Emotion Code® session with Angie who was experiencing a sudden onset of blindness in one eye so she could not continue working on her computer. I helped her clear a trapped emotion related to her eye. She then got very tired and wanted to get off of the phone to close her eyes for a few moments. She later reported that her vision returned and she was able to return to work!

I worked with a friend’s cat who had stopped eating her food and seemed depressed according to her owner. With The Emotion Code, I was able to find and clear the trapped emotion of ‘hatred.’ She also tested positive for ‘grief’ and ‘taken for granted’ which I cleared. My friend later reported that her kitty had started eating her food!

I also did an Emotion Code session on my own cat. He had gotten into the habit of attacking me or my kids if we didn’t give him a treat when he indicated that he wanted it. I tested him and found he had a blocked emotion of ‘hatred’ which I cleared and also ‘taken for granted.’ (I found it interesting that both cats, with different owners, had such similar blocked emotions to clear!) He not only stopped attacking us, he only begged for a treat once, and it wasn’t until a couple weeks later when I used the treat to get him back inside for the night!”

~Jenny Dees, USA

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