I have several miraculous healing stories using The Emotion Code. I have used it on myself so much that I can’t even keep track of who I used to be with all that stuff I was carrying around! I have found that I have the most success with clients who are in the middle of dealing with an emotional issue.

My favorite was a woman who was getting extremely wrapped up in the drama of her relationship with her husband, who was very popular with the ladies. I could tell her issues were coming to a head and I told her we had to do a session ASAP! Of course she didn’t understand why, but went along with it. After the session, I asked her how she felt and she could barely speak… she just kept saying, “It’s all gone, it just disappeared, where did it go, I don’t feel anything, I don’t even care, I don’t have any feelings about my husband, I just don’t care anymore, where did it go, what did you do, it’s just gone?!!!” I loved her response. Needless to say, her husband was a little spooked by me after that.

What I have found is that my clients are able to approach their life situations in a different way after a session, with clarity and a calmness they have never known. They are more of who they truly are inside, without the distortions of their trapped emotions filtering their actions and experiences.

– Tara Chatterton, CECP

This testimonial was originally published in Tara Chatterton’s Practitioner Spotlight.
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