Here are a couple stories from Certified Body Code Practitioner, Stephanie Rakow in Berlin.

More than a year ago I had a young woman in my praxis. She was a unhappy hairdresser and wanted to do some changes, but had no courage to change her life. She had pain in her stomach. I released besides other trapped emotions and also her heartwall. Because she felt so good and had no pain anymore, she came back a half year later. She looked totally different. She looked even more intelligent. She told me, that she had quit her job and started to study at the university. She was verrrry happy!
Another story:

A young mother of two little children, (1 month and 1 1/2 years old). The baby had a 3 month colic and cried a lot. The older child was not listening to his mother and had a chaotic behavior. The mother looked totally exhausted and even depressed. She has had postpartum depression after her first child. She had no interest in anything. So I worked on all three with the Emotion Code and the Body Code, and released their HW’s. The next week she came again. She looked so good that I thought she’d just come back from a 4 week vacation! Her skin looked envigorated and fresh. She felt happy again, had been seeing friends (she hasn’t done that for more than a year!) Her depression was totally gone. The older boy listened to his mother again with very balanced behavior. Even the baby seamed more calm. She was sooo grateful! Now she has her life back!

~ Stephanie Rakow, CBCP Berlin