Just a few weeks ago, I had a new client coming to my office.

At the beginning of the treatment of any new client I test always how the immunsystem works. Often it is pretty low. Then I always ask how much the spirit and body are connected. That is also often under 50%. So this is like standing beside oneself. Then I reconnect the spirit and body and retest the immune system and every time it improves up to 20–30%. And the improvement is just because I had reconnected the spirit with the body.

So with this lady , that came into my office, I reconnected her spirit with the body and immediately after the reconnection she said, “Oh! Now I can breathe all the way through, I couldn’t do this for 2 years!”

So, we should check more often how much our spirit and body are communicating. After reconnection many of my clients feel much better and finally whole. No medical doctor does that, or knows about that at all.

I am so great full to do this work and make people happy!

Stephanie Rakow ~ Berlin, Germany

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