I started working on my dad in the first month of learning The Emotion Code. Within a few days, his lazy eye was tracking more regularily with the other one. Within 2 weeks his chronic aching knee was much better. Recently he walked to the back of a 100 acre farm field. At the end of the day I asked him how his knee was. He was surprised to realize… it was just fine! It would normally be really bothering him from the uneven ground and distance.

He coincidentally had an appointment with an eye specialist to check the pressure in his eyes for glaucoma. The pressure had been measuring at 17 and they were keeping a close watch on it. I had been removing a lot of trapped emotions that were affecting his eye health and at this point had not yet removed the Heart-Wall. When he came back from the appointment, I asked how it went. He said, “Well, my eye pressure is 13, which they tell me is normal and I no longer have glaucoma. Also, my vision is now 20/20 and my glasses are too strong, and I can’t stand wearing them!” Haha!

~Stacey B.