At 8:00pm one night I had a distress call from a “shearer” who had four hundred sheep to shear the following day. He was unable to raise his right arm as it was extremely painful. There was no way he was going to be able to work. Rain was forecast so time was of the essence to get the sheep shorn. If the sheep are wet the shearers are unable to shear them until they’re dry again.

I immediately checked him using The Body Code and found he had trapped emotions to release and also a misalignment in his scapula which I promptly corrected. I rang him back about eight minutes later and he was totally astounded that he could raise his arm without any pain. Needless to say, the shearing was carried out.

He booked an appointment for a full Body Code assessment the following week and sent his fellow workmates along to see me also. Many of them had back and neck problems and other health issues that The Body Code was able to remove for them.

– Doreen Maloney-Coles (Waikato, New Zealand)