I remember when my symptoms started, it was Christmas Day two years ago. I noticed my heart was skipping beats accompanied by a fluttery full feeling in my upper chest lower throat area. This went on for a couple of weeks happening numerous times through out the day. After a few weeks I went to my primary physician who checked me out and sent me in for a treadmill test, ultra sound and I had to wear a heart monitor for two days. All tests came back inconclusive and it was determined there was nothing to be concerned about.

These symptoms continued on for another few weeks happening every day for at least six weeks. As a bodyworker for 13 years I have also studied many mind/body therapies but had not treated this medical problem with a mind/body approach. One day I decided to do The Emotion Code. I had read the book and used it with a few clients in my practice with positive results. Two Trapped Emotions came up that need to be released, heartache and sadness, around the time one of our cats had to be put to rest three months earlier. She was 16 and her kidneys were failing and deep down I knew it was time and it was the best thing for her.

On a conscious level I was at peace with the decision and did not suspect this could of been causing my heart beat issue. Within a couple of hours of releasing the Trapped Emotions of heartache and sadness all of my heart symptoms resolved and have not returned.

I am grateful and thankful that such a simple approach could have such a profound healing effect. I guess the saying “emotions buried never die” was true in my case.

Thank you Dr Brad for sharing this with the world.

Jim Adcock ~ Spokane, WA, United States

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