Jazzy, a Chocolate Lab, came from a puppy farm where she spent years getting pregnant, all to have her puppies ripped away from her. Jazzy was on anxiety medication. She was the most fearful dog I had ever seen. It was heartbreaking. To even get her into the house and to sit with her foster parent for the Emotion Code session, we had to tread very carefully. We released trapped emotions of longing, failure, low self-esteem and grief, all relating to loosing her puppies.

Two days after the session, the foster parents reported that Jazzy had made eye contact with them. They were blown away! They also noticed her doing things she hadn’t done before. They asked me to come back for another Emotion Code session where we released more trapped emotions relating to her experience at the farm.

Since then, Jazzy has had a huge improvement and is no longer on medication. She comes into the house with no fear and she now looks for her foster parents before they have to look for her. The turn around for Jazzy has been remarkable!

~Diana P.