I have had eczema as far back as I could remember—first on my feet as a child, and then arms and hands later on! Over the past three years it had continued to escalate to the point where my hands were unusable. Creams and lotions from medical doctors had never worked, so I switched to juicing and every supplement known to mankind; again no relief, and things continued to worsen!

We love Dr. Brad and his work in our home, but I wasn’t secure enough in my own ability to muscle test, so I reached out to [Staff Practitioner] Connie Barton through email sessions! I noticed a mild decrease in symptoms after the first sessions, but nothing to get excited over. But as the days went on and I reached a week, my symptoms had decreased by at least 70%!

Amazed, I continued with the sessions and a recommendation for MMS solution, and for the first time ever in my life on this planet I am symptom free! And have been for months now! Like any excited mother, I lined up two of my four sons and husband and started sessions for them!

Next was my twelve-year-old. He had severe ADD, social anxiety, bed-wetting and a lot of trauma from an unforgiving school system. I took my boys out of the school system (almost two years now), but he still seemed almost depressed! We noticed right away as Connie helped him release trapped emotions of Fear and Dread over and over again, that he was more and more willing to put himself out there—even if only a little. And offering it up himself!

As we continued with his sessions, we noticed that he stopped wetting the bed and started waking on his own! There was still the scattered accident, but—holy moly—after wetting the bed every single night, and now only twice in a month! He wasn’t even aware either—he thought his Dad was still getting him up in the middle of the night!

The biggest thing was the light returned in his eyes! He laughed more! WAY more! It was like watching him wake up, or plug in, or just start living again in a way we hadn’t seen in such a long long time!

So grateful! Love from Newfoundland and our family!

– Susan (Newfoundland, Canada)