I remember the first session I had with Chantal. She had just gone through a terrible break-up. We worked on Skype and I could tell that her heart was breaking. You could actually see the deep sorrow on her face. Of course, we immediately began Heart Wall Elimination and worked on other imbalances to compliment the work on the Heart Wall.
By the next session she looked more peaceful and by the third session, she actually looked different. She was smiling and laughing; you could see her beautiful soul shining through. It was a truly remarkable transformation.
Here is her experience described in her own words:

“I didn’t know what to expect from my first session. All I know is that I had a broken heart that was physically painful and that after the session, I was relieved from that pain! Angela also removed my heart wall and cleared other blockages preventing me from experiencing true love. I’ve seen improvement in the way people treat me after removing negative broadcasts I was unconsciously sending. I keep working with Angela to clear health and business issues. I know this work is real because of the impact it has in my life. My last session relieved me from my back pain and I literally felt lighter and freer. My friend noticed I was glowing. I am forever grateful.” ~ Chantal Michelle, Vancouver, Canada

~Angela Hanna