Here’s a testimonial from a client of Angélica Amaral, CBCP

“I have two autistic children my son 17 and my daughter 15. My daughter, C., just told me she was so happy we haven’t had an argument in over a week. This is a huge milestone for us especially with her other issues as well.

Another miraculous incident, my 17 year old son J., he has lower functioning autism than my daughter. He is very shy, quiet, wouldn’t even answer the phone. Since this therapy started he has come out of his shell more and more.

On Thursday may 29th 2014 we went to his spring concert where his teacher chose him to perform the solo for the finale. He got up on stage and sang alone in front of hundreds of people. My daughter and I sat and watched amazed we were holding on to each other and we both had tears running down our faces as we watched. Yes, he was nervous, but he did it. One year ago this would have been unthinkable he has opened up so much in the last few weeks. I have tried to explain the therapy to him he doesn’t understand it but it has had an amazing impact on him, and my daughter too.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to experience this therapy.

I would personally like to thank miss Angélica, she has been so kind to my family. Thank you Dr. Nelson and miss Angélica for this wonderful opportunity and I send both of you hugs, love & gratitude.

Sincerely, R. T.”

~ Submitted by Angélica Amaral, CBCP

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