I have been working with rescued horses at a local sanctuary. One horse in particular stands out in my heart, Bryant. He always seemed sad to me and had a sullen expression on his face. He even had his face hit somehow in his stall and his eye had swollen. So I did an Emotion Code session on him. Much trauma was revealed to me about what he had suffered. When I asked him if he wanted more Emotion Code sessions, he looked at me and whinnied. He seemed lighter and with more ease in his body and expression, as if to say, “Absolutely”. Now we are so connected that whenever he sees me in his stall, he blows air through his lips as if to say, “Thank you!” He is an older horse and his front hooves are hurting so he walks stiffly. I am working with him on this, and he walks better the more I work on him.

Laura Hurst ~ Ashland, OR